By submitting jobs straight to the HP Indigo Press you can save your press operators time in retrieving artwork, and selecting various settings before even proofing the job.

Using Enfocus Switch you can easily submit jobs to the Indigo DFE by using the HP DFE Configurator.  There are lots of setting to control the job on the press but the ones included show the important items in our view…HP Indigo DFE Properties

In the above simple flow we have created in Switch, any files dropped in the “In” folder and transferred to the DFE Configurator.

The Asset File location and Asset Location URL are setup with the path to your DFE (Typically it’s IP address). You would normally use the jobs folder on the DFE and then we would suggest making  specific folders for your files to reside.

Job name could be the File name of the pdf. In Switch you can easily use part of the filename, or the filename “proper” which is the whole filename without the extension “.pdf”.

If you have the ability to generate data using an upstream MIS or other data source, the number of copies can be populated dynamically.

Internet Input Method is setup to point to the press ticket template which controls the imposition and other parameters such as collation. Examples maybe Step and Repeat – Duplex – Colour. This will enforce the correct settings on the press for imposition and colour.

Other useful settings are Press Queue – Print Queue will place the job straight on the Print Queue of the press or should you wish, you can select the Hold Queue. As an example, you may want to send certain jobs to the “Print Queue” which are high priority, whilst sending other jobs to the “Hold Queue” so that the press operator’s view does not become cluttered.

Finally Default Media would be used to select the Print Stock for the job. By adding this, the Operator will be advised they can run the job if the correct stock is loaded in one of the paper draws, letting them print the job straight away.