If you are printing personalised Saddle Stitched Brochure for instance you may want to print and finish them in a certain order to reduce manual finishing. A very effective way to do this is to combine Enfocus Switch with some less well know HP DFE settings..Firstly, create a IIM on your DFE which points to a ticket template that specifies the print colour and imposition for your document.

In the Ticket Template settings, go to “Print” and you will see:

HP Indigo DFE Pro Properties

“Select Substrate Per” should be “Document”. You can then specify the Default Job Substrate – this should be the Text Paper you wish to use. the, you need to set up an exception – in this case Sheet 1 for “Range” and “200gsm Silk” for Substrate.

For stacking you would want to typically select “Odd up, First to Last”

This will print the Cover as sheet 1 as the first sheet printed on 200gsm Silk, and the resulting Text Pages on 115gsm Silk.

The result will in every document printing imposed correctly with different cover and text paper.

Now, with Enfocus Switch you will need to have a configurator called “Assemble Job”. This will collect files until a pre-set trigger point (IE 50 PDF’s) and then add them as separate files into a internal Switch folder. Previously you should have added _Copies1 to the end of the filename (assuming you only wish one copy of each). This can easily be done in Switch or another application.

On the HP DFE configurator you should set “Copy count collection method” to “Delimiter”, the “Delimiter” to “_Copies” and “Before/After” to After. Finally you can specify the order in which documents are printed should you wish so “File sort method” should be set to your required sequence.

HP DFE Switch Properties - Multi Document

The result of this is that yuo can print 1 copy of each document it a specified order, with different substrates for cover and text, and presesent your Indigo Operator with a single job on press rather than 100’s of jobs.

Finishing will be much easier, especially if you have a Duplo I-Saddle or Horizon Stitch liner, which can then be used to finish personalised multi page documents (of different pagination) very efficiently. Note this is more complex to setup and requires bar coding for these devices which can be achieved through Enfocus Switch.