With Enfocus Switch and an App form their App store called “Uncover PDF” it is easy to automatically remove the front and back cover for a PDF in seconds as part of your automated workflow.

Enfocus Switch FST Cover Removal

A File dropped in the “Brochure In” folder will be passed to the Uncover PDf app. From the image below you can see that we have specified that 4 pages to be removed (the front and back pages) and a suffix to be added to the relevant 2 files. In this case “_cover” and “_text”.

The App splits the file into 2 files named appropriately. The cover and Text files are routed accordingly using standard Switch Conditions and passed to HP Configurators. These configurations can be sued to transfer the PDF files to the press, specify the correct imposition, stock, and a multitude of other press settings.

The Press operator can see a list of jobs on Press, load the correct paper stock, and print the jobs.

Of course, this is just a basic flow utilising Enfocus Switch and a great App from their App Store.

To see other Apps available go to https://www.enfocus.com/en/appstore/overview